Summer Update

Where has the time gone?

I’ve never been really good at this blogging thing and truth be told very few people visit the site anymore but I do check emails and still have a presence online (just in other places)

A lot of time is spent over at Llangunnor Network my latest project and even that has suffered a little due to my hectic life. To try to write an update about everything that has happened since my last post in April would be very difficult but needless to say I am still sorting out my DVD collection.

I feel that I need to slim down my collection from around the 500 mark, don’t really have an idea of what figure I want to get them down to but after amassing this collection over a number of years I want to try to make sure that I get a reasonable return – something that is unlikely to happen.

I mentioned MusicMagpie in my last entry and I did eventually get a cheque off them for the last set of DVD’s I sent to them – they only refused to pay for one as it did not pass the quality control but it did take over a month before the money was finally in my account.

I’m currently looking at other avenues in which to sell more DVD’s.

My weight loss has stagnated, I did reach a record low at the start of June but feel that I have taken my eyes off the ball and certain foods have crept back into my diet – I will need to re-evaluate what I need to do.