Councillor Whatley

It has been a few weeks since my last entry and I suppose a fair amount has happened in that time.

I am now on the Llangunnor Community Council, I had last attempted to get on the council back in December of 2001 and back then I had been unsuccessful after it came down to an election – the site I had created back then has long gone but I have found a few of the entries from back then and I had lost the election by only 32 votes.

I suppose after that I thought why bother if people who have known me and my family for years cannot be bothered to come out and vote why should I bother. However since then I have attempted to involve myself in the community.

This time around all the council had to leave and out of 13 positions only 12 people put in to sit on the council – so no election was needed.

Have already been to my first meeting and it was a little awkward trying to fit in with a group that is already established but on the whole everyone has been friendly and welcoming.